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Stump Grinding


Tree stump grinding can be very hazardous work and should always be done by professionals. Whether using a blade cutter or grinder Maddington Tree Service will always use the safest and most productive method to grind your stump.

Maddington Tree Service stump grinding machine is capable of transforming stumps of all sizes into valuable mulch, quickly and efficiently. The machine is designed to travel over sensitive landscapes like turf without leaving any trace. Areas where stumps are grinded can be reclaimed as usable space, or used again as a planting area for new trees or shrubs.

Wood Chipping


Maddington Trees wood chipper service is available to all of our customers for whom we have cut down or pruned their own tree. Any branches, leaves and trimmings gets processed through a wood chipper, creating mulch.

Our mobile wood chippers will chip solid logs up to 25cm; large branches will be crushed and pulled through the chipper. Our wood chipper service normally takes place once we have completed all the tree trimming and lopping.