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Tree Lopping & Tree Trimming Services

What many people don’t know is that tree trimming is a very complex art that takes both knowledge and a creative eye to be done correctly. Not everyone can properly trim a tree – it takes years of experience, and while anyone can take a pair of sheers to his or her tree, it takes a skilled arborist to do the job properly and correctly. Without proper training, people run the risk of stagnating the tree’s growth, or severely damaging it.

We have all of the necessary equipment and expertise to trim any variety of trees you may have. We’re particularly good at trimming hard-to-reach trees, and difficult jobs are our specialty.

Tree Lopping Services

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a delicate process that is essentially the strategic targeted removal of damaged, dead, stagnant, structurally unsound, or diseased parts of the tree that are in some way inhibiting its growth, appearance, or functionality. Sound complex? It can be which is why Maddington Tree Service is the perfect choice!

Tree Lopping

Maddington Tree Service is committed to the preservation of yours trees, but no matter how much we like trees, sometimes they have to be lopped due to various reasons. Trees can become dangerous because of their age or because of infestation; they can also become structurally unsound or have to be lopped to ensure your family and property is safe.

Over Height Trees

Our self drive cherry picker is compact enough to fit under most verandas which means we can access trees that other companies can’t. With a maximum height of 14 meters the team at Maddington Tree Service can safely trim even the largest trees.

Palm Trees & High Climbers

We have a skilled team of high climbers and palm tree experts. As a palm tree grows it leaves behind dead palm fronds. Not only are these unsightly but can cause serious damage if they fall off the tree. Maddington Tree Service has years of experience in the correct way to manage your palm trees growth.

Garden Mulch

Maddington Tree Service can also provide our customers with garden mulch. Our premium mulch will keep your garden moist and green all year round as well as reducing your water consumption.